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Sleep Your Way To A Smaller Belly

woman-pinching-belly-fat-8-reasons-why-diets-make-you-fat-by-healthista-1It’s a little known fact that sleep deprivation can prevent weight loss. To make matters even worse it actually promotes weight gain!

“Researchers found that when dieters cut back on sleep over a 14-day period, the amount of weight they lost from fat dropped by 55%, even though their calories stayed equal. … So it’s not so much that if you sleep, you’ll lose weight, but that too little sleep hampers your metabolism and contributes to weight gain.” WebMD Jul 30, 2016

How? Simply put when your body is deprived of sleep if it comes metabolically sluggish. The ability to produce insulin – A hormone responsible for taking carbohydrates (sugars) out of the bloodstream and putting it where it needs to go – is reduced. As a matter of fact, Insulin sensitivity is reduced by 30%.

If your body’s ability to produce insulin is compromised, the sugars for your bloodstream are more likely to end up being stored as fat.

To make matters worse sleep deprivation makes your brain groggy. Our ability to make decisions is compromised and our brains crave more sugar. Our feedback reward system goes out of whack and we start to seek rewards elsewhere. That’s partially why you get hungry at night.

You’re also awake more hours of the day. There are more opportunities to eat and you will get hungry or throughout those long hours. When we’re tired we tend to make poor choices and eat larger portions. Hence one piece of cake turns into two!

Even worse your body‘s production of cortisol also increases. Cortisol is the hormone partially responsible for hanging onto body fat.

If your cortisol levels go up it’ll be very difficult to lose weight.

As a matter of fact “Researchers found that when dieters cut back on sleep over a 14-day period, the amount of weight they lost from fat dropped by 55%, even though their calories stayed equal. They felt hungrier and less satisfied after meals, and their energy was zapped.” (WebMD)

So what can you do? Get more sleep! Here’s how:

  • Find some downtime at night without electronics (including tv).
  • Make sure to turn off the lights. Your brain knows to go to sleep when it’s dark.
  • Read a book (use a soft night light only) or meditate
  • Watch what you eat! Be mindful of making better choices during the day.

For these tips and more or for help with nutritional programming, weight loss or fitness Drop us a note or connect with us on Facebook. Our strength lies in helping other people living happier, healthier lives!

Yours in Health,

Tony Bianchino
Founder, Out Run Your Fork


Avoiding Injury With Mobility Work

Screen Shot 2017-04-30 at 4.42.33 PMOk,  imagine this: You’re in the pool playing volleyball with the kids in the pool club. You’re having a great time, the sun is out, the sky is clear blue and everyone is having a good time. It’s super hot outside, but you don’t feel it because the pool water is the perfect temperature. Ahhh, heaven!

You get to take the next serve set after winning the previous point. You’re winning and feeling a little more than confident. You smile as the ball comes at you again, but it starts falling a little shorter than you anticipated. You thrust off your back foot to lunge for it and *pop!* … You feel a pain in your groin. It gets worse but you keep playing. You finish your gamed think it just needs a little rest so you lounge out the rest of the day. The day passes and as the sun begins to go down the pool starts getting ready to close up. You get up to gather all your loose belongings and *ouch!* … your groin hurts. Really bad. Holy chips. What’s going on? This is more serious that you thought…

Injuries happen to all of us and if left untreated can hang around for a looooong time. But what if there were a way to help prevent these types of injuries? Well, the good news is: There is! Mobility training combines stretching and functional movements to keep muscles loose and to identify fix deficiencies. See this example of mobility training using a sledgehammer.which is kind of fun.

Why Mobility Training? When we are born we have full mobility: flexible joints, full range of motion, no impingement or tightness. But as we age we slowly lose our pliability. Now, I’m not talking about aging as a 40, 50, 60-year-old person and up. I’m talking about 5 years old, 10 years, 15 years and further.

So many things happen over time that cause us to lose mobility. Small injuries and mis-steps cause up scar tissue to build up and may have caused you to walk differently or move differently, favoring one side over the injured side. The effect is we never we train ourselves to move quite the same again. Our bodies are amazing mechanisms that constantly compensate for various deficiencies.

But trauma isn’t the only way to lose mobility. Repetitive movements can cause elongation in one muscle and tightness in the opposing muscle. The two most prominent examples for all of us are:

Repetitive strain injuries of the wrist, fingers and hands as a result of typing, texting, and similar repetitive movements. Typing type of motions use the “flexors” of the fingers, hand, and wrist.  More than 95% of us don’t take the time to work the “extensor” muscles. These are the muscles that open the fingers, hands, and draw the wrist backward. Overtime the extensor muscles get weaker and the flexor muscles get stronger. This causes constant tightness in the forearms, elbow, hands, fingers and wrists.

In order to “fix “this in balance it is recommended for different types of massage, rolling, and strengthening of the extensor muscles. A quick and easy way to exercise the extensors is to wrap a rubber band around The fingers and Open your hand and spread out your fingers as far as you can. Do this repeatedly and I guarantee you will feel the burn. Those little guys really good worked and they’ll be protesting at first.

A second example is the computer and electronics usage syndrome. Slight rounding of the shoulders forward slight pitching forward of the head. The chest muscles and shoulder muscles get very tight from the slouching we do over our electronic devices and computer keyboards. At the same time The upper back and neck muscles get very weak from not holding your posture correctly.

So how do we fix these issues? In part, mobility training.  Here a few example of what you can do to increase flexibility and mobility in your hips. The movements below are mainly for hip mobility. They can be held for 10-30 seconds or you can slowly work through the range of motion for 10-30 reps.


Now, a word of caution: if you’re already suffering from an injury you should NOT engage in any physical activity program without consulting your doctor. You might make it worse by further injuring the body part or you might be further weakening a deficient part of your body that might seem unrelated… but it is really the root cause of the problem.

I’ll explain more in my next article and include pics and videos to demonstrate various mobility training movements.

Leave a comment below to let me know which body parts you’d like to see me address first.

Until Next time…

As a Widower, PJ Found New Hope Through Fitness


“Tony’s enthusiasm & logical approach … gave me hope. He designed a program (and) I started to realize that maybe I could do this. Tony continually adapted my program and challenged me but never overwhelmed me… It not an understatement to say that Tony helped save my life.”


To Be Humbled

I have no words. Most of you know that’s a rare occasion! I stand in awe of the impact we have on other people’s lives. It’s amazing how we never truly know how big of an impact until they tell us. The biggest blessing I have been given is being able to impact people in a positive way. When PJ sent me this note, I took it to heart. It’s THE reason why I am a life coach and a fitness coach. You’ll see how humbled I am in light of his testimony.

Here are PJ’s words:

“I met Tony Bianchino in the fall of 2013. At that time my weight had risen to north of 300lbs. I was battling depression and diabetes. As the widowed father of 3 children I was desperate to get healthy again but dubious that I ever could. Tony’s enthusiasm & logical approach to weight loss & a healthy lifestyle gave me some hope that maybe I could do this. He designed a program starting with everyday movements that were essential to having any kind of productive day. Movement & flexibility were main focuses of what we did. Slowly as we moved through our program I started to realize that maybe I could do this. As I progressed Tony continually adapted my program and continually challenged me but never overwhelmed me. A year & a half later is it not an understatement to say that Tony helped save my life. I am down 80lbs and am living a much healthier lifestyle. My diabetes numbers have gone down drastically and my depression is very much under control. I can’t begin to thank him enough for the hope he has given me.


What will your story look like? Get started on your journey today and see if personal training and fitness coaching is right for you. Contact Us on our website or email Tony today for a free no-hassle consultation. If you decide it’s not for you, then we respect your decision. No spam or annoying follow up calls to badger you into working with us. That’s our promise.

I look forward to hearing from each and every one of you!

Yours in Health,

Tony Bianchino

Rehab a Troubled Groin

Tony performs one arm kettle bell swings

If you’ve ever suffered an injury you know exactly how long the process could take. And the older we get the longer it takes. Trust me… I’m finding out.

These exercises in the video or not for a fresh injury. The squats on my kettle bell swings are shallow and wide. Are use hip thrust as much as possible and work on my coordination. With the kettle bell squats you’ll notice how I don’t go too deep it’s only to parallel and I stays as upright as possible. I also use the hip adductor machine. I’m very careful not to allow my hips to stretch too far open.

There’s a couple of other videos that I’ll feature in the next article; some stability exercises for the feet knees and hips.

A healthy dose of stretching opposing muscles, working stabilizers and slowly adding in compound movements as your strength and stability improve are all good advice for rehabilitating any injury.

For more information contact us and speak to myself or one of our qualified trainers.

band adductors

Bosu ball for stability

Valencia Soccer Training Offers Skill-work Clinics

home-imageOur friends at Valencia Soccer Training (VST) are holding a Soccer Skills Clinic for children ages U8 – U16T. As a dad of 2 kids (9 years and 12 years), there is no one better to trust my kids soccer skills with than my friend, Jason Montesinos (founder of VST).

Need information on how to add strength and conditioning programs and/or nutritional programs for your child? Drop us a note or visit our website and the staff at Out Run Your Fork and we’ll be happy to help. Out Run Your Fork will have a presence at the Tuesday clinic. Drop by and say “Hi” – it will be my pleasure to meet you!

Here are the details for the clinic:

Dates: 12/29/14 + 12/30/14
Time:  9:00 AM – 3:00 PM
Ages:  U8 – U16 Boys and Girls
Location:  Metuchen Sportsplex
Address:  215 Durham Avenue, Metuchen, NJ 08840
What to Bring:  Soccer cleats, water, snacks, lunch, shin guards, and a ball.
Cost: 2 Days – $100.00 / 1 Day – $60.00

About VST: VST is a New Jersey based training organization dedicated to youth soccer development. VST’s USSF Certified staff specializes in the technical, tactical, physical, and mental development of each player.

Disclaimer: OutRunYourFork and its staff have no monetary interest n the folks at VST. We just know they are great folks who do an amazing job. Do yourself a favor and check them out.