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Fitness Pros: New E-mail Scam!


Don’t get scammed by the newest rip-off artists.

Apparently these guys won’t quit trying to steal money. First it was general public emails and now they are targeting personal trainers and fitness professionals. The newest scam asks you to take payment for personal training by credit card. However, this is done through email or text because they are hearing impaired or they’re traveling abroad and they can’t meet with you in person. And the training is not for them, it’s for their children (usually early teens). Oh, (AND HERE’S THE SCAM), they will be taking a car service to your location and they have to pay the driver, but the driver only accepts cash payment.  So, the person pay you an extra $1,050 on the credit card and asks you to pay the driver $1,050 in CASH.

You’ve got to be kidding me! How stupid do you think I am? I’m not even getting into the detail of how exactly you get screwed, but you’ll be out $815.00 in cash (in this example) if you do this. The credit card payment will be pulled back and you’ll have a firm grip on an empty sack.

Need details? Ask me, but you don’t really need them. The following is an email exchange I had with one of these pricks. After the last exchange I never heard another peep from this guy. Notice the poor grammar and spelling errors:

Him: “Hi Im Robert i need a personal trainer for my 2 daughters they have been adding much weight lately and i believe with a trainer like you they can achieve a good and healthy body so i like to know if there any in-person training or exercise you can offer for the ladies I’m booking this on there behalf and as a surprise they are 19-22 I’m hearing impaired so we can only do text/email I only have my credit card, do you have a card reader to charge my credit card?”

Me: “I’m happy to help your daugthers. We can meet in person to discuss. I am trained in ASL and have no trouble communicating with hearing impaired.”

Him: “Thank you for your responds, as i have stated before I’m booking this on there behalf and this a surprise to them so lets do the booking and payment they are medically and physically OK no injuries or surgeries they want to lose weight and get in better shape i read about you on social media so let me have your best packages/deals, they will be training together and will be coming to you 3x a week for the session we can start with 15 session in total for both of them. I do understand consultation is important and the paperworks(waivers and liability forms) but as I have stated before this a surprise to the ladies so lets do the booking and the payments and on the first session/introduction the consultation would be done I would only be able to give you the card information manually to charge on your card reader all paperworks will be done by the girls on there first session.”

Me: “I will have forms available for your 2 daughters to sign on thier first session. Price for 15 sessions for 2 people working out together (partner training for one 1 hour workout) is $xxx.xx per session – total for 15 sessions is $xxxx.xx. Price for 15 sessions for 2 people working out individually (individual training 1 hour each, total 2 one hour sessions) is $xx.xx per session per person – total for 15 sessions  of $xxxx.xx
When would you lie the first session?”

Him: I’m OK with the price I will like to make the full payment with my credit card I would have paid the driver already but they don’t accept credit card except cash so I will like you to add an extra $1050 to the total cost the extra $1050 is for the charter bus driver that will be bringing the girls for the training and once the charges clears you will have the $1050 deposited to the charter bus bank account.” 
– I’m thinking: “Are you friggin kidding me? Ok, wise-guy, try this one…” –
Me: “The card needs to be with a bank in the U.S.. I would require bank name from which the credit card is issued, name on card, full postal mailing address for which the credit card is registered, expiration date, and cvv code on back of card. I will run the card once your daughters complete their first session and sign the necessary agreements. The driver will be paid after that time. 

When do you want your first session?”



Gary Testimonial lost 54 pounds

In His Early 50’s, Gary Has a New Lease On Life!

“It is no longer about the numbers, although being down more than 50 pounds is great, it is the sense of well being of mind, body and spirit … Your encouragement, drive and knowledge were as critical in my working toward the goal.  (I have) been enriched by … the relationship and friendship we have forged.”

(When I first met Tony) I was a bit apprehensive and tried my best to listen as (he) explained the benefits of a structured workout program.  (His) pitch and delivery were perfect, the ultimate wake-up call for me were the stats, especially my current health age of 67.  The family medical history was a red flag.  I was tired of being tired.  Exhausted from the cycle of poor sleep and diet, inactivity other than the daily work routine.  The prescriptions which were regulating and not solving the problem.

The first few sessions were painful as I wondered, could my body be transformed. Throughout, (Tony was) the one who kept me focused on the real goal, the lifestyle change, realistic yet measured.  This was not a sprint but a marathon. The mind and spirit of being a winner.  It dawned on me that if I did not take care of myself how could I perform at my best and be there for my loved ones.

The 10 strategies for success are just words without a mentor and a support system.  (Tony’s) encouragement, drive and knowledge were as critical in my working toward the goal.  Even in my early 50’s I have relearned a valuable lesson, a wise man is one who is quiet and listens.  This educational process, has been enriched by the respect and admiration gained for (Tony); (his) choice to help others and the relationship and friendship we have forged.

It is no longer about the numbers, although being down more than 50 pounds is great, it is the sense of well being of mind, body and spirit that is the biggest change and continual daily focus.

All the best,
Gary P.
December 26, 2014

Are Artificial Sweeteners Making Us Fat?

Do Artificial Sweeteners Make You Fat?

More Harm Than Good?

Diet, Lite, Low-Cal … these all typically indicate some substitution for fat and/or sugar. It’s not 100% of the time, but more often than not, it’s true. Today we’re going to focus on sugar substitutes or artificial sweeteners and why they make you crave MORE sugar.

When we eat sugar two things happen: First, our brains receive a spike in sugar levels and this sets off a chain reaction in our other organs. Soon after cravings for the sweet stuff dissipate. We feel satisfied or, taken to the extreme, we actually are repelled by the thought of eating more. Just like those times when, as a kid, I went on a cannoli eating binge at my grandmother’s house in Brooklyn!

Additionally, when we are very hungry, our bodies crave quick fuel and sugar fits the bill very nicely. Artificial sweeteners don’t fill this need. Our tastebuds might be having a party, but our bodies are not fooled. Our sweet tooth continues to grow and we have to satisfy this physiological need for quick fuel. That’s when we tend to over eat because we are trying to fill the void of quick carbohydrates with other types of calories that simply aren’t getting the job done.

Second, artificial sweeteners are so much sweeter than real sugar, therefore when we do eat real sugar we tend to eat more of it because we are “chasing the high” of artificial sweeteners (don’t even get me started on high fructose corn sweeteners)!

Ok, so artificial sweeteners are bad and real sugar is bad … what an I left with? Well, with 86 percent of all Americans are in a slightly dehydrated state, we should all drink more water and start cutting back on the sweetened stuff. You can read more on how making the switch can help.

Read how you can “chew your way” to weight loss.

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This One Tip Can Save You Bunches of Calories. Think you know what it is?

Screen Shot 2014-12-14 at 12.56.35 AMHere it is: Drink only water for one week. Noooo, I’m not suggesting you fast, but rather simply replace everything you drink and substitute with water. Most of us drink calorie laden soda or juices instead of water. And for those of us who like “diet” drinks which contain artificial sweeteners, we are not exempt. More on that later…

I have to give credit to my good friend Arnold who passed this along to me. It’s funny because I talk to people ALL the time and I love to learn from them. Last week Arnold and I were talking about this blog and OutRunYourFork. He said that he uses this one tip to get people started. If, however, they already are drinking only water, then they immediately graduate to Phase Two. It was an “Ah-ha” moment for me. I’ve used so many different methods for helping people get started on a healthy nutrition program and they all were unique for each person. However, I was embarrassed to admit I had never started with this one simple tip. Now, the first question I ask people is around what they drink throughout the week.

Let’s do the math. If one 12 ounce can of Coke contains 39 grams of sugar or 140 calories. Drink one can per day and you’re taking in an extra 980 calories per week. In 3.5 weeks that adds up to almost 3,500 calories. It takes 3,500 calories to make 1 lb of fat on your body. So, if you cut out the soda, you could cut .25 lbs of fat per week.* Fruit Juice, not a whole lot better. Our friends at http://www.sugarstacks.com give the visuals. Very revealing and disturbing. :-O

Next time we will cover why artificial sweeteners are a poor choice as well. Questions? Are the posts too short? Too long? Or just right? You decide. Vote in the comments section below and have your voice counted!

*Disclaimer: This assumes you are over your Basal Metabolic Rate in total calories consumed.

Check out my friend Chef Jason Roberts

Everytime you eat you are either feeding disease or fighting it

Photo Courtesy of Chef Jason Roberts.

Gluten Free, but not taste free. I’m a follower of Celebrity Chef Jason Roberts ever since I met him at a training seminar. He’s full of passion and he’s on a mission. Check him out on instagram: http://instagram.com/chefjasonroberts or his website: http://www.chefjasonroberts.com/

Anyone else feel daunted with the thought of getting “in shape?”

Humble beginnings. High School circa 1991 with my friend Libbi.

Humble beginnings. High School circa 1991 with my friend Libbi.

I was introduced to healthy living as a young kid. I was pretty hyper back then and my mom realized that sugar made me even more hyper (she is brilliant, I tell you). She removed sugar from our diets. which meant no more Scooter Pies or Froot Loops. Sorry, dad, for having you suffer along side us.

At 17 years old I began to compete in bodybuilding, got certified in personal training and began my career in fitness. I maintained great conditioning until I had my first shoulder surgery at 38 years old. That’s when I discovered all things “bad.” I ate all kinds of food, both healthy and unhealthy with the same appetite I had while I was working out. I gained 25 pounds of pure fat in only 10 weeks. It was a crazy diet success story in reverse.

The blessing was that I learned what it was to live like a “normal” person. I found myself not really caring about my appearance anymore. I told myself that most people were overweight and I fit right in. I was like one of them. Only problem is that I was lying to myself. I did care. I just didn’t want to put in the effort. That was a first. I began to feel the way regular, everyday people felt about fitness and nutrition. That’s when I had my epiphany…

I was busy. Crazy busy. And I knew that it was going to take a lot of effort to get where I wanted to go. I was daunted by the amount of work it would take. Anybody else ever feel like that? So, I came to the conclusion that if I felt like most people and i looked like most people and I had goals like most people… then if I could help myself, then I COULD HELP MOST PEOPLE!

Stay tuned in for more and see how you can set out to acheive any goal you want while still living your life.