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The One Simple Key To Weight Loss – and it’s in your hands!


The Key To Weight Loss Is In Your Hands

If You Feel Like You’ve Been Stuck For A While, Then Maybe It’s Time For A Very Simple Change.

There are lots of reasons why many of us are not quite at the level of fitness that we desire. Maybe we want to lose a few pounds around the midsection or maybe we want to tighten and tone our arms and legs. Whatever the goal is we need to keep in mind that weight management is 70% nutrition. Now, I am not discrediting exercise in the least. But as our name “Out Run Your Fork” suggests: if you exercise a lot and continue to miss step on your nutrition, then you’ll never get where you want to go. Exercise alone is not enough. You simply can’t Out Run Your Fork.

So let’s start by focusing what is in your control. If we think about it they’re only four things we can control: 

  • our thoughts
  • our words
  • our attitudes
  • our actions

While there are many root causes as to why people don’t do what they’re supposed to do, we are going to leave the first three items for future articles. This article was going to focus on the final one of these: our actions.

I heard somebody say once, “It all starts with your hand.” He went on to explain that when you’re making a choice you could choose to reach for a healthy food or you can choose to reach for an unhealthy food. It’s what you reach for that’s going to determine what you put in your body. If you don’t put it in your hand, then you can’t eat it. Think about it for a minute. It’s so simple, so why is it so difficult? The answer is determined by one word: desire.

Desire: that which we fix in the foremost of our minds is what we focus on minute after minute, day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year. It creates a burning desire to reach that goal. But a burning desire without a plan of action will not yield results. Without a plan of action there will be no action. So, the first step is to create a goal and that an action plan on how to reach that goal. The next step is to simply move into action. The simplest action is to make better choices. The way you can make better choices is by reaching for foods that will move you closer to your goal and leaving the food alone that will prevent you from moving toward your goal. Is everyone with me so far? Good!

Let’s turn that desire into action: 

  • The next time you are given the choice of reaching for an apple or a muffin, choose the apple! 
  • When you know you’ve eaten your portion of food, don’t reach out for more!
  • If given the choice of baked potato or french fries, duh!… (yes, go for the potato)!

Set friendly reminders. Write a note on your hand that says “It starts here.” Put a note on your debit card or wallet. On Your refrigerator door. On your water bottle. Anywhere you can see it prior to grabbing that piece of coffee cake and ramming it into your face. Keep healthy snacks nearby: an apple in the car or desk drawer at work. A small amount of nuts (look at the serving size!) in your purse. A protein shake  in your gym bag. A low calorie protein bar in your briefcase. Sneak in healthier alternatives wherever and whenever you can. TIP: Just be sure to watch total calories!

STOP reaching for the Bad and START reaching for the Good!

For more helpful information on healthy eating and fitness why not take advantage of a Free No Obligation Phone or In-Person Consultation. Call usemail us or book your free appointment today!


On Crack Whores and Sodium Restrictions


Gunnery Sgt. Shawn D. Angel

THIS IS NOT DIETARY ADVICE, it is for entertainment purposes only. It’s a quick email I shot off to a good friend who is super serious about getting into “bikini shape.”

Some smarty pants folks will certainly contradict my advice, which is ok.  Hopefully it’s not a troll proving a point or someone getting their rocks off by insulting me behind a wall of ambiguity on the internet.
The following is just my humble, but accurate opinion. Here goes…
MOST IMPORTANT RULE: Keep in close contact with me on this meal plan. This is NOT NEGOTIABLE. If I don’t know what’s going on, then I can’t help.
We might need to adjust workouts and/or food as your body changes. The total calories are good as well as the macro split. I’ve built in some room for error on your part; my part is good ;-).
You need to keep a food log (myFitnessPal is fine), but I want NOTES. Specifically: how you feel before your workout, after your workout, prior to bed time, waking up in the morning. You should feel GREAT at each of these points. Think of them as our KPIs for your well being and your body’s optimum functioning. If you’re not feeling great, then we need to adjust. You should never feel crappy unless you’re sick and you wont get sick because you’re a friggin machine… (I’m having fun with this. LOL)
…get used to eating before your workouts in the morning. After waking, you want to eat as soon as you can. You fasted all night and you know have to break that fasting period and get into the swing of things. That’s why it’s called Break-Fast.
Get your metabolism moving and allow your body the chance to fuel itself with glucose after you burn off glycogen. Currently you’re burning muscle by not eating prior to your morning workout. The old thought was “do cardio on an empty stomach and you’ll burn more fat…” bullshit!  EAT!
Build in ONE DAY per week where you eat anything and everything you want for ONE MEAL. You should be stuffed! Then, pick a SECOND DAY per week where you eat at least 500 CALORIES EXTRA. Preferably these days are spread apart (for example Sunday for your cheat meal and Wednesday for your “extra carb day”).
Screw “no sodium.” Your body needs the right percentage of all four electrolytes: sodium, potassium, magnesium, and iodine. You are hurting yourself by restricting any one of them. DON’T over-hydrate. Drinking 2 gallons of water today is horrific and ridiculous. Your kidneys will over work like crazy and you’ll be asking for some serious heart issues because you’re washing out electrolytes. Want weird arrhythmia? Drink waaaaayyyy too much water and go on a no sodium diet. SMH.
Season your food with any herbs you want. No quantity restrictions. I don’t care. Use Pam spray or similar for coating the pan. Use real sugar if you want to sweeten something, but get used to not having any sweetener. Although artificial sweeteners have no caloric impact or impact on insulin, they keep you craving the sweet stuff… including MORE carbs. So… watch out. Better off with unsweetened iced tea, water and NATURAL real sweeteners like stevia.
Stay away from high fructose corn sweeteners at all costs. They are SUPER SWEET and get your body looking for sweet stuff like a pregnant crack whore on the streets of Harlem hunting for more smack.
There’s lots more, but in the end, make smart choices. Have fun and don’t commit suicide if you fall off your diet once in a while.
I hope you’ve been entertained.

Back Up Slowly And Step Away From The Bacon! Bikini Weather Will Be Here Before You Know It.


Love bacon!

I went to the gym today with my wife and a bunch of her girl friends were already there so I decided to join them in a bungled TRX class. There were six of us altogether. One laughed the whole time, a second worked out consistently, the next one took no crap from the squatters (seriously, I don’t think anyone left from the previous class), another wasn’t happy about the whole experience, and the fifth was ready to kick someone’s a$$. I did my best to work out, figure out what our instructor wanted us to do, and then finally took over instructing the class without him feeling like I was taking over.

Work It Into Your Plan
So, what does this have to do with bacon? Well, my wife’s friends want to get the bikini body by summer.
“Ok,” I said, “we can do that.”
One immediately chimed in and said, “But, I’m NOT giving up my wine!” And then she laughed. I knew she was serious.
I told her, “It’s ok, we’ll just work the wine into your plan.”

Work it into your plan? What kind of trainer would say that? Me. The kind of trainer who wants to help you succeed. I believe anything can be worked out (within reason). Can’t live without chocolate? Ok, we’ll work it into the plan. Bacon? Ok, we’ll work that in for someone else. Cheese? we’ll come to an agreement. Again, the key word is we can work it in within reason.

Now, before the trolls come out and flame me to death, here’s my disclaimer: I will say that some trainers are purists and don’t want their clients to eat anything unhealthy. Some people would call them bullies or unrealistic. Some people feel such trainers just don’t care about them. BALONEY!

I don’t believe that one bit so let’s stop the name calling. In my opinion, trainers who want abstinence from unhealthy foods and habits don’t preach this way of living because they don’t care – as a matter of fact they actually care too much. They want the best for you. They want you to succeed. And they know how many of us poison ourselves with unhealthy foods and sedentary lifestyles. They are trying to save your life! 

Only problem is most people won’t go all out and live the healthiest life they can live. So, I walk the line and help people improve. Many times people make their own choices to live healthier lives because they begin to enjoy the way good eating and exercise makes them feel. I’ll take what I can get and meet people at their level of readiness. You’re fit and ready to take it to the next level? Awesome let’s go! You’re a fragile egg who’s just getting started and is afraid of failing? Ok, take my hand and walk with me. Whatever your level, we’ll meet you there.

Three Things To Succeed
So, you want a bikini body? Ok, let’s come up with a plan. Something realistic based on your desire, level of commitment and level of experience.

    • Decide what you want
    • Decide when you want it
    • Decide what you’re willing to give up to get it

Me? I enjoy many foods… both healthy and unhealthy. I enjoy a good bacon, egg and cheese sandwich. I’ll have one this coming Sunday. Organic eggs, organic bacon, organic cheese, organic bread, organic butter. I’m down five pounds and I intend to keep going. I allow myself one cheat meal per week and one day in the middle of the week where I eat 500 calories above goal. Keeps my process going and doesn’t put my body in starvation mode. Based on my history (and a few other things) this process serves me well. My personal diet and fitness plan doesn’t work for everyone, but that’s why everyone needs a custom plan. There are just too many factors like tolerance for being uncomfortable, level of desire, physical activity readiness, overall health, physical limitations, dietary concerns, health concerns, health risks, health history, exercise history and so many others. Have a conversation with your coach and find out if a trainer is right for you. We’re available for free consultations at Out Run Your Fork.

Who am I to judge other people. It’s my obligation to inform people of the pitfalls of unhealthy living, but it’s not for me to decide their goals. I do what I have to do in order to help people win at whatever level of fitness they desire. I figure better health is better than poorer health.

Why not sound off and leave us your POSITIVE feedback.

Fitness Boost For Kids!

Repost from AAA World Magazine: Forget boring, static exhibits on health and wellness. The Boost!exhibit at the Science Museum of Virginia in Richmond encourages families to learn by getting active in both mind and body.Visitors can walk a tightrope, contort themselves into the smallest possible space, test their vocal abilities and challenge their spatial memory among other activities.  Technology-obsessed kids will love the Boost! Chip, which is used to activate exhibits and record results.

For more information check out AAA of Mid-Atlantic http://midatlantic.aaa.com/default.aspx and The Boost! exhibit at the Science Museum of Virginia http://smv.org/explore/exhibits/exhibit-details/boost.

If you’ve already experienced the Boost!, the Science Museum of Virginia, or would like to turn us on to any other great event, then please post a comment and tell our friends!