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Are You Working Out TOO Hard?

Know Your Genetics

Know Your Genetics

What’s a MET?
Eating well and exercise go hand-in-hand when it comes to committing to living a healthier lifestyle. How do know if you’re exercising enough to get the maximum benefit out of your workout? The key lies in tracking your METS. But what the heck is a MET?

A “Metabolic Equivalent of Task” is a way of measuring the amount of exertion expended during different physical activities. Values are assigned to each physical activity as a ratio of the rate of energy consumed during an activity compared to the energy used while your body is at rest. METs are essentially a point system for exercise. The more energy required performing the activity, the higher its MET value will be. For example, sitting and watching television for one hour has a MET value of 1 while running at a pace of six miles per hour has a MET value of 9.8.

Now that you know what a MET is, how do you know how many you need to maximize your fat burning results? The Inherent Health Weight Management Test not only determines whether an individual is likely to respond better to a low-carb, low-fat, or balanced diet based on their genotype, it also places an individual into two groups of exercise needs based on the intensity levels necessary to trigger the fat burning process. We call these two groups Moderate MET and High MET.

Individuals in the Moderate MET group have the luxury of benefiting from virtually any exercise and can still reap results by doing moderate intensity activities in the range of 3 to 5.9 METs for a weekly total of at least 7.5 METs. For example, consider the following exercise log for a Moderate MET individual:

Day 1: Sweeping the garage, sidewalk and outside of house for 30 minutes
MET value of 4 x 0.5 hours = 2 METs

Day 2: Running for 30 minutes at a pace of 4 miles per hour
MET value of 6 x 0.5 hours = 3 METs

Day 3: Taking a water aerobics class for an hour.
MET value of 5.5 x 1 hour = 5.5 METs

Day 4: Walking at less than 2.0 miles per hour for 20 minutes
MET value of 2 x .33 hours = .66 METs. (This activity does not count toward the total because the activity’s MET value of 2 is under the 3 MET minimum)

WEEKLY TOTAL: 10.5 METs and successfully over the minimum of 7.5 METs for the week

Meanwhile, those in the High MET group need to engage in activities that are 6 METs or greater per activity, for a total of 13 METs per week, in order to trigger the fat burning process. For instance:

Day 1: Running for 30 minutes at 5.2 miles per hour
MET value of 9 x 0.5 hours = 4.5 METs 

Day 2: Running for one hour at 5.2 miles per hour
MET value of 9 x 1 hour = 9 METs

Day 3: Taking a one hour long pleasure walk
MET Value of 3.5 x 1 hour = 3.5 METs (This activity does not count toward the total because the activity’s MET value of 3.5 is under the 6 MET minimum)

Day 4: Riding a stationary bicycle at 15-20 miles per hour for 30 minutes
MET value of 8.8 x 0.5 hours = 4.4 METs

WEEKLY TOTAL: 17.9 METs and successfully over the minimum of 13 METs for the week

Remember, these are the minimum levels of effort required to trigger the fat burning process—more is always better. If you can’t perform exercises in the MET ranges suggested, start slow and build up to the appropriate MET value for your genotype. If you have a question about the MET value of a particular activity or are interested in learning more, then feel free to drop us an email and we will answer your questions.


Yours in Health,

Tony Bianchino
Out Run Your Fork


“I Needed To Be An Example”

Michelle Ahern lost 55 lbs in 32 weeks!*

Michelle Ahern lost 55 lbs in 32 weeks!

“I love using the BODYKEY by NUTRILITETM program, because no other company includes a genetic test for such a great value,” says Michele Ahern. “It adds a new dimension to my program, and I love that. I think it’s important for everyone to use the genetic test, whether you want to lose weight or not. It gives you a long-term direction with information on how to make food choices for your body.”

“My plan helps guide my meal choices,” she says. “I’ve learned I can mix it all up – protein, carbs, fruits, and veggies – and have a little bit of everything! The meal plans give you such a wide variety. This was great to learn and has really helped my success.”

What got Michele thinking about losing the extra weight? She says, “I realized that having a health and nutrition business isn’t possible without applying it to your own life. We have some of the best vitamins and supplements, which I knew and loved, but I had this extra weight. For people to truly understand the quality of our health and nutrition products, I needed to be an example – for my health and to inspire my customers, too.”

Michele plans to lose an additional 15 pounds to reach her goal. Where other attempts have failed, the BODYKEY by NUTRILITE program works!

Diet and Exercising – Fighting Obesity

We are constantly inundated with facts about obesity.  What is more important diet or exercise?  Without taking action million of people will suffer from associated consequences. Should we concentrate more on diet or exercise?

Although diet is top priority, recent studies from April 2014 has turned this theory that diet is more important upside down.    Researchers at *Laudabaum U : Obesity Abdominal Obesity, Physical Activity and Caloric Intake in US Adults: 1988-2010. The American Journal of Medicine, April 2014.;  As you would expect the prevalence of obesity increased substantially of these two decades, especially in young Woman 18-39.  Surprisingly, from this study, the caloric intake between these times did not change significantly. However, the proportion of adults leisure inactivity did increase; Women from 19.1% to 51.7 and men, 11.4% to 43.5%.

As a result of these finding, the institute of Medicine has made fitness a top priority at fighting obesity in the U.S.  Research has show that when inactive people get into group fitness; physical activity, significant changes in their body composition happen without changing their diet. Furthermore, when people start exercising they gain more confidence in themselves.  They automatically want to start eating better, they become less depressed, increased energy levels, and finally self-esteem increases from being active,  Making good diet choices follow automatically!

The message we can take away from this study is that physical activity can make a significant difference and the dieting, eating healthier will follow.  If we all get a little more active and start eating better, we can start to make an impact of a very real threat to Global Health.

As a Widower, PJ Found New Hope Through Fitness


“Tony’s enthusiasm & logical approach … gave me hope. He designed a program (and) I started to realize that maybe I could do this. Tony continually adapted my program and challenged me but never overwhelmed me… It not an understatement to say that Tony helped save my life.”


To Be Humbled

I have no words. Most of you know that’s a rare occasion! I stand in awe of the impact we have on other people’s lives. It’s amazing how we never truly know how big of an impact until they tell us. The biggest blessing I have been given is being able to impact people in a positive way. When PJ sent me this note, I took it to heart. It’s THE reason why I am a life coach and a fitness coach. You’ll see how humbled I am in light of his testimony.

Here are PJ’s words:

“I met Tony Bianchino in the fall of 2013. At that time my weight had risen to north of 300lbs. I was battling depression and diabetes. As the widowed father of 3 children I was desperate to get healthy again but dubious that I ever could. Tony’s enthusiasm & logical approach to weight loss & a healthy lifestyle gave me some hope that maybe I could do this. He designed a program starting with everyday movements that were essential to having any kind of productive day. Movement & flexibility were main focuses of what we did. Slowly as we moved through our program I started to realize that maybe I could do this. As I progressed Tony continually adapted my program and continually challenged me but never overwhelmed me. A year & a half later is it not an understatement to say that Tony helped save my life. I am down 80lbs and am living a much healthier lifestyle. My diabetes numbers have gone down drastically and my depression is very much under control. I can’t begin to thank him enough for the hope he has given me.


What will your story look like? Get started on your journey today and see if personal training and fitness coaching is right for you. Contact Us on our website or email Tony today for a free no-hassle consultation. If you decide it’s not for you, then we respect your decision. No spam or annoying follow up calls to badger you into working with us. That’s our promise.

I look forward to hearing from each and every one of you!

Yours in Health,

Tony Bianchino

Back Up Slowly And Step Away From The Bacon! Bikini Weather Will Be Here Before You Know It.


Love bacon!

I went to the gym today with my wife and a bunch of her girl friends were already there so I decided to join them in a bungled TRX class. There were six of us altogether. One laughed the whole time, a second worked out consistently, the next one took no crap from the squatters (seriously, I don’t think anyone left from the previous class), another wasn’t happy about the whole experience, and the fifth was ready to kick someone’s a$$. I did my best to work out, figure out what our instructor wanted us to do, and then finally took over instructing the class without him feeling like I was taking over.

Work It Into Your Plan
So, what does this have to do with bacon? Well, my wife’s friends want to get the bikini body by summer.
“Ok,” I said, “we can do that.”
One immediately chimed in and said, “But, I’m NOT giving up my wine!” And then she laughed. I knew she was serious.
I told her, “It’s ok, we’ll just work the wine into your plan.”

Work it into your plan? What kind of trainer would say that? Me. The kind of trainer who wants to help you succeed. I believe anything can be worked out (within reason). Can’t live without chocolate? Ok, we’ll work it into the plan. Bacon? Ok, we’ll work that in for someone else. Cheese? we’ll come to an agreement. Again, the key word is we can work it in within reason.

Now, before the trolls come out and flame me to death, here’s my disclaimer: I will say that some trainers are purists and don’t want their clients to eat anything unhealthy. Some people would call them bullies or unrealistic. Some people feel such trainers just don’t care about them. BALONEY!

I don’t believe that one bit so let’s stop the name calling. In my opinion, trainers who want abstinence from unhealthy foods and habits don’t preach this way of living because they don’t care – as a matter of fact they actually care too much. They want the best for you. They want you to succeed. And they know how many of us poison ourselves with unhealthy foods and sedentary lifestyles. They are trying to save your life! 

Only problem is most people won’t go all out and live the healthiest life they can live. So, I walk the line and help people improve. Many times people make their own choices to live healthier lives because they begin to enjoy the way good eating and exercise makes them feel. I’ll take what I can get and meet people at their level of readiness. You’re fit and ready to take it to the next level? Awesome let’s go! You’re a fragile egg who’s just getting started and is afraid of failing? Ok, take my hand and walk with me. Whatever your level, we’ll meet you there.

Three Things To Succeed
So, you want a bikini body? Ok, let’s come up with a plan. Something realistic based on your desire, level of commitment and level of experience.

    • Decide what you want
    • Decide when you want it
    • Decide what you’re willing to give up to get it

Me? I enjoy many foods… both healthy and unhealthy. I enjoy a good bacon, egg and cheese sandwich. I’ll have one this coming Sunday. Organic eggs, organic bacon, organic cheese, organic bread, organic butter. I’m down five pounds and I intend to keep going. I allow myself one cheat meal per week and one day in the middle of the week where I eat 500 calories above goal. Keeps my process going and doesn’t put my body in starvation mode. Based on my history (and a few other things) this process serves me well. My personal diet and fitness plan doesn’t work for everyone, but that’s why everyone needs a custom plan. There are just too many factors like tolerance for being uncomfortable, level of desire, physical activity readiness, overall health, physical limitations, dietary concerns, health concerns, health risks, health history, exercise history and so many others. Have a conversation with your coach and find out if a trainer is right for you. We’re available for free consultations at Out Run Your Fork.

Who am I to judge other people. It’s my obligation to inform people of the pitfalls of unhealthy living, but it’s not for me to decide their goals. I do what I have to do in order to help people win at whatever level of fitness they desire. I figure better health is better than poorer health.

Why not sound off and leave us your POSITIVE feedback.