5 Things Successful People Do

Janhavi Rane of Plainsboro NJ is a dentist and a mom of three

New Year Resolutions come on strong like a sudden fever. People all over the world make firm commitments to make more money, be a better spouse, get healthier and  lose weight… Problem is, like a fever, the hot flashes fade with time and life gets in the way. Doubt creeps in and suddenly our goal seems so hard to reach and, oh, we’re ok with the money we make or the way we look. We slowly slip into that coma of complacency and rationalize that our salary is good enough or that you’re supposed to be comfortable with the way you look. Nobody should judge us anyway…

We’ve all been there, but the reality is, we really would like more money, better health or self-improvement. The following is a simple way to create a goal, reach it and then stick with it.

  1. Write your goal. Be specific. If you want a new house, then describe the house in detail. Would it be on the beach? Right on the beach? Would you be able to walk out the back stairs and step into the warm, soft white sand? Would the breeze be coming off the ocean bringing with it a cool touch as you watched the gulls hang in the air only a few yards away? What color are the stairs? Are they wooden? With a railing? When you turn around and look up at the house, how many floors do you see? Is it clothed in wooden shingles or vinyl siding? What color is it…?If you want it you need to be able to visualize it in perfect detail. A goal that is not written down is not a goal at all, it is only a wish.
  2. Focus on your goal. Everything you do should lead with the question: “Will this move me closer to my goal?” If the answer is “Yes!” then do it. If the answer is No,” then don’t do it. Read your goal every day and fix it in your mind so firmly that everything you do moves you in the direction of your goal. While daily goals are important, most successful people prefer to focus on weekly goals and agendas.
  3. Check your GPS. Take assessment weekly and make sure you are still on course to reach your goal. If you’ve veered off course a bit, then be sure to get yourself back on track. This can be done daily, but a weekly assessment is more valuable. It gives perspective without letting you veer too far off course for too long.
  4. Seek failure. Failure is par for the course. You must fail in order to succeed. It’s part of the learning process. Success isn’t just about getting that new house or better job. Success changes a person while they are on the path towards success. By the time you reach your goal you are not the same person as you were when you started out towards it. In order to have more than you have now, you must become more than you are right now.
  5. Never, never, never give up! Sir Winston Churchill said it best. In order to reach your goal you have to keep your wheels turning all the time. When your resolve begins to fade, your goal will be the one thing that keeps you going. Keep talking about it, thinking about it, dreaming about it. When doubt sets in (and it will) turn to your goal and remember why you started out.

These success tips are used by all of the most successful people. How you use them this New Year is up to you. For more help and tips send us an email and we’ll send you our Road Map For Success absolutely free.

About the Author: Tony Bianchino is a successful entrepreneur in the fitness industry and is sought out internationally as an acclaimed motivational speaker.



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