Time to MOVE! Are You Up For The Challenge of Getting Fit?

Light Weight and Quick Movements

Light Weight and Quick Movements To Get Fit Fast!

Here’s a couple of quick videos to get you looking at some ways to change up a mundane routine.

Chest and Core Stability
With these ballistic pushups off a step with risers, you’ll get a great workout for your upper body. With a close hand stance, lower yourself to the step and push back up as if you’re doing a pushup off the floor. From this top position, drop down to the floor landing with your hands outside the step (This phase of the exercise is the biggest potential for injury so I recommend starting with no risers or doing clap-pushups to get started). Lower yourself to the bench and blast up so that you can land your hands on top of the step again. Repeat the process for reps or for time. See the first half of the video

A second movement includes pushups and lateral movements across the step. These will work your core and rotator cuff while strengthening your arms and chest. See the second half of the video for the movement.

Shoulder work
Two movements that are great for strengthening the shoulder and rotators are lateral raises and pulldowns using teres minor. The lateral raises force you to keep your opposite (non-lifting arm) engaged and stuck at the top of the movement. There is no rest for your delts here. The second movement requires you to ONLY push the bar down and engage your teres minor as much as possible. Leave the lats out of it. All scapular rotation here. This video covers both.

Got Glutes?
Here are some great exercises that my friend Jess was performing today at the gym. These were performed in round robin fashion and should consist of 12 reps per set. I found the first movement particularly interesting because it shows true ingenuity by adapting a piece of gym equipment to suit your needs. I love that type of creativity! Keep up the great work Jess!

If you like Jess and would like to see more of her, then tell us about it. Maybe we can get her as a regular contributor to Out Run Your Fork!

Remember, these posts don’t tell the whole picture so make sure they are part of an already sound routine. Don’t have a routine? Let’s help you get one!

See how PJ overcame diabetes and depression or how Sal just wanted a little something extra. What will your story be? We’re here for you!

Happy training!


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