Prep Work, it Ain’t Easy!

I spent the better part of this afternoon, shopping for the text-book fitness conscious diet food, chicken, green veggies, sweet potatoes, etc.  I cooked up about 3 lbs of chicken (no oil, just salt, pepper, some other seasonings, and threw it in the oven, diced it up super neat, along with a myriad of other things (all diced very nicely) and add avocado, 2% Fage greek yogurt, small amount of mayonnaise and some Dijon mustard.  Tastes pretty good if I do say so myself… All that dicing took forever FYI though, not sure if I will be as meticulous next time.  The results?  For 2 ppl, 3 days worth of chicken salad (~ 8 oz).  I’m thinking maybe it should be only 6 oz, I’ll have to check and possibly repack but that’s part of the learning curve.  I also marinated some chicken for dinner tomorrow too.  I’d rather just throw that in the oven 20 min before dinner, so at least it’s nice and hot – I want to be in good shape but I’m a foodie too so I can’t do bland food.  I want to enjoy my life, food and the joy it bring my palate is not something I want to forgo.

This prepping is time-consuming, and this is JUST for me and the BF…  I STILL have to prep cook for the kids, b/c during the school week in between homework, and tests not to mention my work schedule, as well as classes I hardly have time to feed them let alone cook for them.  I need some motivation to keep my going, maybe I’m just sleepy or tired or maybe a little of both but I think some motivation would put me back on track…  I need some quick recipes that are healthy and Yummy so that I might be able to kill 2 birds with 1 stone and feed ALL of us and feel like a ROCK STAR!

I’ll document my journey and share with all of you.

Fino alla Prossima Volta (Til Next Time!)


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