Take The Guess Work Out

by Chelsea King
Who knows what to do when you start changing your eating habits to try to lose some pounds?  I sure didn’t know where to start.  Should I stop eating carbs? Maybe if I give up carbs for a month I will lose that ten pounds.  Should I try that Atkins thing? I’ve been seeing a lot of people try the Paleo Diet on Instagram maybe I should research that!  This all seem to take a lot of trial and error.  

I tried reducing the carbs and found that I was grouchy and almost unapproachable.  I had low energy for my workouts and at work.  This whole low carbs, Atkins thing wasn’t working for me. Then, my friend Tony Bianchino recommended that I take the guess work out of nutrition.  I was not sure what he met until he introduced the Inherent Genetic Health Test.

I found that this test gave an individual assessment based on my DNA and was able to determine what type of health regiment and workout plan I needed to be on.  This DNA Wellness test gave me insight to the multiple ways I can manage and improve my lifestyle.   I found that I was sensitive to fats.  Therefore, it was not carbs I needed to reduce but my fats! The test was also able to determine that I need a consistent workout regiment to maintain my weight.  Therefore, I had to increase my workout intensity to lose those extra pounds! With the help of the DNA Test as well as some personal help from my fantastic boyfriend Arnold who is a personal trainer, I was able to shed 7 pounds in two weeks! Prior to this I only lost 1 pound a week.  The DNA test enabled Arnold to set up an individualized plan that was based on me! It factored in my metabolism rate, my caloric intake, as well as physical activity.  Therefore, with Arnold’s personal training insight combined with the DNA Test I have been able to maximize my efforts.  Essentially, taking the guesswork out of weight loss.  

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